..and when the sun rises again tomorrow, we'll see how far we've come ...

..and when the sun rises again tomorrow, we'll see how far we've come ...

... just to remind myself why I'm doing this ...

Depending on our personalities, the world can be a crowded place or a very lonely one. For those who seek comfort in numbers, there is no shortage of hangers on, but for those who avoid that circus, keeping thier own counsel can leave them feeling quite alone and disengaged from the mad place we call home. Life is a trade off and most of us choose how we live it.

For me, I'd rather work things out as best I can, using my own thoughts and feelings to sort things out. Following the crowd has never been a temptation to me, but that has its price, one that I'm totally comfortable with every day I get to stand up and be the person I aspire to be. When I sometimes lose track of who that is, I come here to remember, to reconnect and to resume my quest.

These posts are a reflection of some of what matters to me and it's a privilege to have the opportunity to collect these thoughts as they form in my head, as they prepare the way for my life, as it evolves from one day to the next. They re-inspire me when things seem to be floating about, with no particular aim or purpose, and it does happen from time to time.

So, today I had these thoughts that I think are worth writing down for the future me to look back on when I need to ...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Friends, Romans, countrymen ...

 ... never mind lending me anything, just give me your money ... for I am entitled by virtue of patronage appointment...

The "hot" story is about Senator expense claims but the real one should be about "TRUST".

Folks, we're being (cleverly) agitated over a few Senators' claims but why would we all of a sudden accept that they've somehow rooted out the only offenders in the whole pigsty? These few are likely not the only ones who have come to assume the cloak of entitlement during their strenuous tenure in the hallowed hall of the red chamber. After all, as Senators in the Canadian houses of Parliament, don't they all endure the same rigorous duties?

It might be interesting to try to find any "qualifying criteria" by which Senators are judged and chosen for these appointments. With no intent to imply any guilt or involvement in anything nefarious any way, as a few examples, let's put out names like Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin, Jim MunsonFrank Mahovlich, Hugh Segal, Patrick Brazeau, Linda Frum, Nancy Greene Raine or Tommy Banks. What specifically qualifies these nice folks for appointment to a "legislative body" in our Parliamentary system, while none have demonstrated any particularly prominence in governance? How are they qualified? These questions may not seem connected to the expense matter but they sure as hell are. They are spending tax dollars without accountability to the ones providing those dollars.

From their public record, is their any reason to conclude why any Senator would undertake to make sloppy claims for expenses? Why then has this been going on, and why has nothing apparently been done in the past to correct and more to the point, prevent abuses such as the ones we've been told about AND the ones we haven't?

TRUST has been abused for some time, and under scrutiny, no less. Abuses have been noted but not successfully curtailed, as evidenced by recent revelations. That in itself is a breach of trust by the watchdogs, and it raises the question WHY not? One possible conclusion is the idea evoked by a well-worn phrase "who's calling the kettle black". That brings us back to the TRUST issue. We have been guided through the sordid details of a select few perhaps to avoid exposing yet more abuse of trust.

Now that the Senate itself seems to be making a public point of "coming clean" by asking for a full audit by the Auditor General, we are to assume, I guess, that all will be revealed.

Let's just wait on that conclusion until it actually happens, and if it happens as they infer it will.

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