..and when the sun rises again tomorrow, we'll see how far we've come ...

..and when the sun rises again tomorrow, we'll see how far we've come ...

... just to remind myself why I'm doing this ...

Depending on our personalities, the world can be a crowded place or a very lonely one. For those who seek comfort in numbers, there is no shortage of hangers on, but for those who avoid that circus, keeping thier own counsel can leave them feeling quite alone and disengaged from the mad place we call home. Life is a trade off and most of us choose how we live it.

For me, I'd rather work things out as best I can, using my own thoughts and feelings to sort things out. Following the crowd has never been a temptation to me, but that has its price, one that I'm totally comfortable with every day I get to stand up and be the person I aspire to be. When I sometimes lose track of who that is, I come here to remember, to reconnect and to resume my quest.

These posts are a reflection of some of what matters to me and it's a privilege to have the opportunity to collect these thoughts as they form in my head, as they prepare the way for my life, as it evolves from one day to the next. They re-inspire me when things seem to be floating about, with no particular aim or purpose, and it does happen from time to time.

So, today I had these thoughts that I think are worth writing down for the future me to look back on when I need to ...

Saturday, May 31, 2014

"simply complaining" is for the lazy and the cynical

Daily, every newspaper and newscast presents some share of voices complaining about something that's being done, directly or indirectly to them, with which they take great and passionate exception. Some resonate more than others, but they all feel justified in their views and positions. The ability to freely make their concerns known is precious, and "priceless", as one credit provider would say. Not much to object to there.

The issue here is one of reasonableness and moral 'rightness'. Lots to argue on that level though. Not everyone possesses or has earned the moral capital to expend on their particular beef. Furthermore, too often, just voicing a complaint stems from laziness, or just plain cynicism, and should be ignored as being just such.

Let's look at elections. Elections empower people with specific viewpoints to apply them to the creation or revision of the laws we are all bound by in our daily lives. That makes those choices critical to our lives. Yet, why do so many eligible voters simply ignore their responsibility in making that choice? So many of those same voters have little trouble crying foul if things don't go the way they want. They should know full well pretty much what the landscape holds once the decision makers are empowered.

Somehow, the lazy and cynical voters, the ones that either can't be bothered, or the ones that don't care enough, or the ones that claim there's no point, or the ones that just don't take the trouble to become and remain informed in order to decide on a choice of representation at the discussion table, still believe they have the unassailable right, and own the moral right, to voice their displeasure with the results of those discussions at that table.

Well, I for one, begrudge them that 'right' and I would deny it to them if it were in my power to do that. But, at the same time, I would exercise that same power to do what I could to provide an environment that holds legitimate promise of improvements. With that option before them, there'd be no room for any of the excuses to be lazy or cynical. In providing such an environment, it still places the responsibility for action, upon the individual and does not absolve them of it in any way.

Of course, becoming informed in order to make a choice is only a part of the whole. Once informed ourselves, we also have to inform our representatives of our views and expectations. Our own inertia causes us to wait for the candidate to come to us, to make a pitch, and we decide if we like it enough to support them instead of telling them what we're looking for. Consequently we're faced with choosing options that can only hope to touch on our specific quests. It's no wonder then that we're going to be left wanting and disappointed in the results. The whole mess is of our own making by not being engaged enough to let our problems, issues and concerns be known by those who have the influence and some of the power to effect the needed results that help the system to function as it can.

The long and short of this piece is simple. Simply complaining is the lazy man's medicine. Offer something more than a critic's wail and you'll have a much better chance of doing something worthwhile. Then your need for complaining won't even have a snowball's chance.

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