..and when the sun rises again tomorrow, we'll see how far we've come ...

..and when the sun rises again tomorrow, we'll see how far we've come ...

... just to remind myself why I'm doing this ...

Depending on our personalities, the world can be a crowded place or a very lonely one. For those who seek comfort in numbers, there is no shortage of hangers on, but for those who avoid that circus, keeping thier own counsel can leave them feeling quite alone and disengaged from the mad place we call home. Life is a trade off and most of us choose how we live it.

For me, I'd rather work things out as best I can, using my own thoughts and feelings to sort things out. Following the crowd has never been a temptation to me, but that has its price, one that I'm totally comfortable with every day I get to stand up and be the person I aspire to be. When I sometimes lose track of who that is, I come here to remember, to reconnect and to resume my quest.

These posts are a reflection of some of what matters to me and it's a privilege to have the opportunity to collect these thoughts as they form in my head, as they prepare the way for my life, as it evolves from one day to the next. They re-inspire me when things seem to be floating about, with no particular aim or purpose, and it does happen from time to time.

So, today I had these thoughts that I think are worth writing down for the future me to look back on when I need to ...

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cobourg struggles to stay rooted in the past... and is succeeding

Cobourg has a new Town Crier. Yup, a functional anomaly born of the need to inform the citizens of announcements that may or may not affect them in their day to day lives, at a time when there was no other widespread, timely and efficient way to do so, OVER 100 plus years ago!

Fast forward to the 21st century. Radio, television, telephone, email, social media and on and on ...communication is instant, world-wide and super-efficient, and does not depend on physical presence of anyone. Today, we have what the town calls a communications co-ordinator or something like that. You could argue this position actually fills the role of the old-style town crier.

So why do we insist on holding on to such a pointless vestige? There was concern that the new crier would attempt to emulate the one and only crier we've had, and in doing so, somehow diminish the memory of that local and admittedly colourful figure. I would say the best choice would have been to retire the position with all the memories it created and allowed it to be a completed chapter in our history that could not be reproduced to any similar level of recognition. Now, we will likely and unwittingly compare the new to the original and perhaps lose some of the magic that had been created in people's minds if the new performance differs significantly from the memory.

In my opinion, it's unlikely that this position of crier brings people out to events rather than perhaps add some colour to them. Nevertheless, it hearkens back to a time we should remember and understand but not reproduce today. Today is today and has its own characteristics that may some day, who knows, offer a glimpse into our "shabby" way of life as it may be seen some time in the future. Let every era be its own, have its own highlights, dark places and memories to be looked upon in future generations, as with "how they lived back then... the poor saps". Hey, we do it now, don't we?

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